Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Stand-Off

So, all you good Momma's (occasionally gone bad) out there....  Ever find yourself in a stand-off with one of your children over something entirely ridiculous, but refuse to concede just because Damn It, I'm the Mom and I WILL NOT CHANGE MY MIND! 

Let me tell you about last night at bedtime.  Time for my youngest daughter to put the book down and go to sleep... The story goes something like this...

Me:    Time for bed, sweetie.  Time to put the book away.
My Little Darling (MLD):  Mom, reading helps me get sleepy.  Can I keep reading?
Me:    No sweetie, its already late, and you already have a hard time getting up in the morning.  I want you to put the book away and go to sleep.
MLD:    But Mom, it really does help me get sleepy!
Me:    I know it does sweetie, but I think if you put the book down and shut your eyes, you'll fall asleep quickly.
MLD:   I want to be alone.  Can you go to your room?  (Code for "I want to keep reading when you are not looking."  This is my sneaky little darling!)
Me:    No, I think I'm going to stay in here with you for a bit and tuck you in.
MLD:   I just want to be alone Mom, please!
Me:    No sweetie.  Get in bed, put the book away, and get some sleep.  You look very tired.
MLD:   Please Mom, let me be alone.  I just want to be alone!  

        (My Little Darling climbs out of bed, laying on the floor pouting now.)

Me:    Get back in the bed and lay down, its getting late.
MLD:  Please Mom, I just want to be alone!

        (Repeat last two lines of dialogue about 3 times....then....)

Me:   Get in this bed now, or you will not have access to any electronics for the next week.
MLD:  Please Mom!  Why don't you trust me?  I'm NOT going to read.  I just want to be alone.  I never get to be alone!

I'd like to say this scenario ended nicely, but regrettably I will admit that I layed there for 5 to 10 minutes seeing red.  Thinking to myself; "Why don't I just leave the room and let her sleep, or even read the DAMN BOOK for all I care!"  Then thinking to myself; "Because Damn It, I'm the Mom and I WILL NOT CHANGE MY MIND!"

It ended something like this...

Me: I'm leaving now, and you BETTER not pick up that book when I leave the room!  (Walking out angrily)
MLD (with sadness in her voice):  I'm sorry I hurt your feelings Mom..."

Me (under my breath):  What feelings?  I'm a Mom, I don't have any!

And so goes another day in the life of a Good Mom Gone Bad.  Thankfully I have another day to try it all over again.  And believe me, my nightly prayer is that I do it all a little bit better the next day!

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